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"Learning God's Way, Living it Everyday, Loving Along the Way"

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"As our church family grows,

Let us not to allow our situations and circumstances take our eyes off the prize… Rather focusing on the destination of: Unity, Diversity, and Holiness, Then we will be what our motto says, A Church That’s: Learning God’s Way,  Living it Everyday, & Loving Along the Way”

Dr. Charles Davidson, Pastor





Our Church


   "Learning God's Way, Living it Everyday, Loving Along the Way"



During a time of great struggles for our country, and with limited resources Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church was organized on August 5, 1867.  The Reverend F. R. Dickerson headed up a Building Fund Committee, which consisted of Brother Paul Cliffert and Brother Alexander Clark. Together they were successful in establishing our original place of worship.  Under the leadership of Reverend A. L. Evans, the cornerstone was laid on October 3, 1937, through the blessing of the Lord, the hard working deacons and members, and let us not forget their faith in God, their perseverance, and their ability to continue to have a place of worship.

Tragedy and trials followed when the original church building burned, yet our members took courage and the building was rebuilt on the present site.  Not only did this building serve as a church, it also operated as a school until around the year of 1951.  The second building was demolished in 1992 to make way for the building in which we now worship.  Between 1867 and 2005, Hopewell has had eleven pastors.  Currently, we also have two associate ministers.

In 2006, Dr. Charles Davidson was installed as pastor of Hopewell.  Pastor Davidson has served the congregation diligently during these past years.  During his tenure and through Divine intervention, the motto of our church was established which states, “Learning God’s Way, Living It Everyday, and Loving Along the Way."  Even though we already had several ministries in place, as our church membership and spirituality grew, Pastor Davidson  saw  the  need  to  add  even more  ministries.   They  were:   The  Prayer  Ministry,  Sisterhood  Ministry, Brotherhood Ministry, Educational Ministry, Counseling Ministry and the Evangelism Ministry. 

As we are praising, praying, working, and hearing God’s Word, we are taught not to just give, but to be “hilarious givers.” God, has indeed provided us with a spiritual leader and the resources to carry out our Christian responsibilities and we thank HIM. Although the economic times are still at an all time low, the Lord has allowed us to complete numerous projects, with the most recent being the completion of the parking lot and the renovation of our Sanctuary.  

Throughout its history, Hopewell's doors have always been open to aid anyone in need, physically or spiritually, regardless if they were a member or non-member.  From generations to generations, Hopewell has been closely tied with multiple churches in the Golden Triangle area. During the past few years, we have hosted an Annual Summer Conference in which several hundred people throughout the community are being blessed.

No one can deny that God has brought us a long way and that we have “Come This Far By Faith.” 


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This church, this body, and this land are rich with history and tradition.  By the grace of God, Hopewell has weathered the storms and the rains.  We’ve ridden the peaks, and with God’s help we’ve walked through the valleys.  We are experiencing a very exciting time in our history.  God has truly blessed us.  He’s given us the tools to grow His Kingdom, and we must use our gifts, our talents, our building and our ministries to see great things accomplished in the future…God’s Church Will Endure!